About Harper Financial LLC

We Understand Our Clients

Welcome to Harper Financial: The go-to source for alternative real estate lending in Massachusetts

Our custom-solution protocol has helped hard-working people like you finance their way to the next level of success. Our mission is to make commercial lending and hard money easy for you—and we do that by taking the time to truly understand your needs and your goals.

But we do more than find the perfect loan for you; we stick with you for the entire duration, step by step, to ensure you achieve your desired exit strategy.

Harper Financial LLC

At Harper Financial, you are more than a name and social security number; you’re the builder of your very own American dream, and you deserve a chance to thrive.

Whatever your unique situation is—from bridge financing, working capital and partner buyout to vacant building financing, a foreclosure workout and everything in between—Harper Financial provides immediate relief for New Englanders in need.

Our work is quick.
Our work is smart.
Our work is safe.
Our work is cost-effective.
Our work is going to get you where you want to be.

Harper Financial is the real deal in commercial lending.

Our motto: Strategy. Service. Success.

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